Monday, June 11, 2012

Post-op Day 6 + Pics from Vail

It's crazy to think that it's been 6 days since my hip surgery. The time since then has flown by.....yes, partly due to my drug induced state the first few days, but also because, believe it or not, it's been non-stop since I came out of surgery. I've been going to PT 2hrs every morning, 2hrs every afternoon (weekends included) + 40min a day on the spin bike + at home exercises, and this week I'll add two sessions a week of aqua therapy/pool running/swimming. The Rehab in Vail has been amazing and so I decided to stay another 2 weeks to take advantage of getting a good start on the road back to recovery.

Below are some pics from the past incisions 1 day post-op, the 45min drive to check out Leadville on Saturday (altitude recovery at 10, 000ft), and my new friend the spin bike....c'mon, let me add some more resistance! Just joking! ;)


Mauro Cavanha said...

Hi Donna!!!
Hope you have a fast and good recovery! Cant wait to see you on the races!!
Miss our solitary coffees at Borrego! hahaha
Say hello to Jay!!
All the best!

Kiki said...

so happy to hear you are on the mend! what a beautiful place to recuperate. I remember Vail seeming to have an abundance of Oxygen after spending a week in Leadville:)