Thursday, March 24, 2011

Desert Training

For the last five weeks, I've been training in the desert east of San Diego with my Team Sirius team mates. I'm training much closer to home this year, but looking around at the landscape can sometimes feel like I'm on the other side of the planet. Close in miles, but a long way from the ocean and palm trees. Actually, there are surprisingly quite a few palm trees around, although in the midst of cacti and tumbleweeds, it looks like they may have immigrated from somewhere else!

Below are some pics from the last few weeks....

These prehistoric guys (the rams) are planted all over the desert. Never a lack of company while training...although a little out of my age range.

Someone was creative when they named the roads around here : Frying Pan Road, Tilting T, Bending Elbow Road. Or the Hellhole Canyon Trails which have suddenly started blooming wildflowers.

My new Trek Speed Concept arrived just in time to make the "trek" to the desert. Will continue to install the motor over the next few months.:)