Saturday, November 3, 2012

San Diego to Kona to Vail in 3 Weeks!

Since my last blog post October 6th, it's been a busy month!! I left for Kona that day to watch some of my friends compete in the Hawaii Ironman, catch up with some of my sponsors, and be a part of Team Wattie Ink/Betty Designs in the annual Kona Underpants Run to raise money for charity. I had such an amazing time in Kona. I swam and biked everyday, kept the Kona coffee companies in business, and the 1.2mile fun run was my first run back since having surgery on both of my hips this past summer (June 5th and August 14th).

After my trip to Kona, I flew back to San Diego for a day and a half before my next flight to Vail. Enough time to do some rehab that I had, uh-hum, slightly neglected while in Kona, unpack my summer clothes and repack my winter clothes for my recheck in Vail (where I had both of my surgeries and was due for my recheck a few days later on my most recently operated right hip).

My trip to Vail, other than the frigid 10 degree temps and 4 inches of snow that fell a few days into my visit, couldn't have gone any better. I had my recheck with my surgeon, Dr Philippon, and what better news can you get than, "Your hips are healed. Now go out and win some races!" It was definitely a happy day for me. :-) I also had a great week of therapy with Mark Ryan, director of Sports Performance at Howard Head Sports Medicine, who started me on a 3 x a week return to running program. Thanks also Mark for waking up my glutes - those muscles that I never knew I had before!

So, all in all, it's been a GREAT last few weeks! I'm really excited to be back swimming (and yes, finally flip turning!), biking and running, and getting ready for 2013.:)