Thursday, April 28, 2011

Desert Training Part II

It's hard to believe but after almost three months in the desert, I'll be packing up and moving back to the coast in two weeks. I've lived near the ocean my whole life, so desert living was a bit of an adjustment for the first few weeks, but I've come to love the dry heat, and the endless riding with no traffic lights in sight. I've also learned the value of skin lotion because without it you can turn into a lizard overnight!

So with a block of desert training under my belt, I'll head back to the coast for another month of training before I start my race season in June. I'll miss the long days of hot weather, the long rides without once clipping out of my pedals, my local hangout "The Fudge Factory/Coffee Shop", and of course my many swims at the FishBowl over the last three months!

*Getting ready for swim practice at the FishBowl!

*Dinner at the Red Ocotillo

*Easter Egg Hunt! Guess who won!

*Group ride in the desert heat. Loving it!