Monday, April 9, 2012

AZ Training

After spending the last 4 weeks training in Scottsdale, AZ, I'm heading back to San Diego tomorrow where aside from racing, I'll spend the rest of the summer. It's been an amazing 4 weeks training with my AZ training partners, getting some great therapy and strengthening at Endurance Rehab, swimming with the Phoenix Swim Club, doing the Saturday FasterAZ group rides + post ride 48 degree cold plunge, and of course how can I not mention the 90+ degree that summer is almost here!

As much as I've loved training in the heat with my AZ training buddies, I'm looking forward to heading back to SD to re-join my Champion Factory team mates and get going on my 2012 race season. My early season race schedule has been changed slightly by the return of an old hip injury that I neglected to take care of the first time it came knocking. But after the last 4 wks of therapy/strengthening, I've given it a kick and hopefully scared it off for good. I'm planning for my race season to kick off in June with some 70.3 races followed by a July/August IM.

Time to get packing for my road trip and see what awaits around the next bend in the road, Summer 2012 Training/Racing...can't wait!

*Group trainer ride in the "Pain Cave" at Endurance Rehab.

*The view back into Scottsdale at the finish of a long Saturday ride.