Thursday, December 27, 2012

Out With The Old, In With the New!

As I was checking back to see when I wrote my last blog, I couldn't believe it's been almost 6 weeks. Yikes! I guess time flies when you're having fun and staying busy!

The last half of 2012 flew by in a blur with my two hip surgeries in June and August, a total of 10 weeks on crutches this past summer, followed by the last 6 months of rehab. To say it wasn't challenging, mentally and physically, would be a lie, but at the same time, I wouldn't have wished it to be any different. I am so grateful for the turn of events this past year that led me to figure out the cause of the injuries that I had been having, and how to get past them and move forward. Once you get to a roadblock of any type, you can only stay passive in that one spot for so long. There's always work to be done to get around the obstacle, but once you do, you can finally move forward.

I am back training now (hence the having fun and being busy excuse), getting ready for the start of the 2013 race season, and I couldn't be happier. The very biggest of Thank You's to my family, friends and sponsors who have supported me over the past 6 months, and to the new friends I have met along the way who will be friends for a lifetime. Onwards and upwards to a great 2013!