Monday, July 2, 2012

Home in San Diego, 4 Weeks Post-op

I came back from Vail last Tuesday after an amazing 3 weeks of rehab at Howard Head Sports Medicine (located in the same building as the Steadman Clinic where I had surgery on June 5th). For 3 weeks, I had 2 Physical Therapy sessions a day, 7 days a week plus pool therapy twice a week. It was a good thing I was in shape heading into surgery because 30+ hours a week of rehab is not exactly a walk in the park!:)

I had some great PT's in Vail and met so many great friends while I was there. Derrick, Heidi and Kevin joined me for my swim workouts in the pool, and Julz - tired of hearing me complain about being stranded at Starbucks whenever I went for coffee - created my very cool "coffee/Mountain Dew crutch holder" (see pics below).

Since I've been home, I either pool run/swim or use the stationary bike every day, in addition to my 4-5 PT sessions a week. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post-op and in a few days I'll be off crutches - it's been an experience but I am ready to move on! The great thing about having surgery is that every day and every week, things improve and get easier. Already my hip feels better than it did pre-op. I'm being patient, but at the same time, I'm excited about what lies ahead.