Friday, April 7, 2017

Oceanside 70.3

“Sometimes You Kick and Sometimes You Get Kicked”. Last Saturday at Oceanside 70.3 (half Ironman), I experienced both. I crossed the finish line first in my age group by 6 minutes, and was second overall amateur female. This re-qualified me for my pro card or gave me the option of taking a slot to the World Championships as an amateur. However, within minutes of finishing the race, I found out that I was disqualified for going 27mph on a downhill which had a 25mph speed limit. Ironically, the pro’s had a 35mph speed limit and I had at that point passed 4 female pro’s who had started the race 8min ahead of me. To say I was kicked pretty hard is an understatement. 

However, I have to thank my amazing coach, Tom Danielson and Cinch Cycling for getting me to the start line fit and healthy, and for putting it in perspective that this is just a stepping stone along the way. It’s been a hard fought battle to get back racing competitively again after having bilateral hip surgeries in 2012 and a foot surgery in 2014. Back in October when I approached Tom to coach me, I was contemplating giving up triathlon after an injury plagued 2016 which I thought was the final straw. I probably insulted him when I said I wanted him to coach me because “I figured I had nothing to lose”, but it really was either that or retire from the sport. In the last six months, he has not only gotten me back racing long distance triathlons again, but he’s got my run distance and run speed back to where it was in 2011. To say “thank you” does not do justice to what an amazing coach he is and how much he has helped me over the last six months. Sometimes it’s the journey, and not the destination. Onwards and upwards through the rest of 2017!