Saturday, July 2, 2016

Back in Boulder for the Summer!

Let's see, what have I been up to since my last blog post back in....ahem....January? It's been a busy winter and spring of training, rehabbing a hamstring injury, expanding my coaching business (, doing photo shoots for my triathlon race kit and clothing sponsor, Wattie Ink, and then two weeks ago driving from San Diego to Boulder for the summer.

Boulder is my favorite place in the world to train, and this will be my fourth summer here. I'm back training with the JD Crew and my coach Julie Dibens, getting used to the altitude, and getting ready for a great summer of training and racing. It's already been an awesome couple of weeks of riding in the mountains (pedaling alongside Tyler Hamilton for about 30 seconds last Wednesday), running on my favorite endless trails, and back swimming at Rally Sport where Julie's workouts leave me barely able to crawl out of the pool by the time practice is over. Hopefully this will improve when I get used to the altitude....that's my excuse for now anyway.;-)

Onwards and Upwards to a great summer ahead! 

Wattie Ink photo shoot

Back in Boulder enjoying the quite roads and sunshine.

Rally Sport in Boulder, my home away from home.

The friendly neighborhood deer that roam the streets of Boulder.

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