Tuesday, August 7, 2012

9 Weeks and Counting!

Today is 9 weeks since my hip surgery, and I'm back in Vail for the next week, having my recheck with Dr. Philippon on Monday. Everything is going great (knock on wood!), and the last few weeks I've started to get back into my "normal" routine. I said a fond farewell to my crutches at 5 weeks, and a week ago, after 8 weeks of daily spin bike sessions, I took my Trek back out on the road.


Now that I'm in Vail, I've been borrowing a friend's road bike and doing some riding around town and in Leadville at 10,000 feet elevation. If it's true what they say about pigs and mud, then yes, I am happier than a pig in mud!

I was also given the ok today to start running and using the elliptical again. Every week, there's something new to look forward to, and that's the great part about rehab. Next on the check list are flipturns in the pool at 10 weeks. After 9 weeks of swivel turns, I am actually counting down the days on this one too.

A big, big THANK YOU to my family, friends and sponsors for being so supportive throughout my rehab. And the biggest of thank you's to my PT in San Diego, Brett Bloom, for helping me through the last 9 weeks, and to Mark Ryan at Howard Head Sports Medicine in Vail for overseeing my rehab program....and loaning me his bike. Thank you!

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